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MagicTracer Raster to Vector Conversion Software

How to Convert Bitmap to Vector:

MagicTracer™ is a raster to vector converter that combines raster and vector mode into a seamless workflow through its unique workspace. Elgorithms is proud to offer a fully-functional MagicTracer Demo. For more details see the reviews and press. Raster images are comprised of pixels while vector images are made up of lines and curves. The reason why a vector image would be desired over a raster or bitmap image is because it can be resized without losing detail. If a bitmap is resized it will become blurry and jagged.

Resized Raster Image

Many times a low quality image is used because one may lack the time and other resources necessary to convert a bitmap to vectors. Generally a graphic artist or vector tracing specialist would spend lots of time tracing the bitmap to make the final vector drawing. MagicTracer increases the efficiency of individuals who are constantly tracing bitmaps by saving them time. Our program automatically converts bitmaps to high-quality vector drawings. Some applications of it include tracing logos, maps, blueprints, and illustrations. For more details see the FAQ and testimonials.

Resized Vector Artwork

Vector drawings traced by MagicTracer can be edited in all CAD programs. MagicTracer exports the vector data it generates to the universal DXF. It can also export vectors to DesignCAD drawing files. MagicTracer’s raster to vector conversion will work on most images, including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF images.

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