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Circle (Diameter)

Keyboard Shortcut Menu Shortcut Menu Location
Ctrl+Shift+O Alt+C, I Vector -> Circle (Diameter)

This Circle command draws a circle whose diameter spans two points set by the user.

Activate the Circle (Diameter) command. Set a starting point for the circle. After setting this point, you will see a rubberband line indicating the resulting circle as you move the cursor to set the opposite point. After setting the second point, the circle will be created. The tool remains active and awaiting points for another circle.

Circle Helpers:

Use the Ctrl key to constrain the next point to be along a vertical line from the last point set. Use the Shift key to force the next point to be along a horizontal line from the last point. The first point in a new circle cannot be constrained by Ctrl or Shift.

Use the Esc key to erase the previous point in the circle currently being created. Pressing Esc when no points are set will release the Circle tool.

Use Gravity to snap to the existing point in the vector data that is closest to the cursor’s position. Gravity may be activated in two ways – press the Period (.) key, or right-click to activate the Context menu and choose Gravity. If selected from the context menu, right-click will continue to function as Gravity until a new tool is selected.