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Decrease Color Depth

Keyboard Shortcut Menu Shortcut Menu Location
Ctrl+PgDn Alt+I, D Image -> Decrease Color Depth

The Decrease Color Depth command decreases the number of bits per pixel, which controls the maximum number of colors the image can contain.

Activate the Decrease Color Depth command. Adjust the settings as desired, and click OK.


Color depth in bits per pixel.

Error Diffusion

If this is checked, MagicTracer dithers the reduced colors to more closely match the original image in appearance. If it is not checked, each original color is replaced with the nearest reduced color. For Vector Conversion, you generally won’t want this item checked.

Limit Max Colors

If activated, allows you to specify less than the maximum number of colors based on bits per pixel. For example, you can reduce a 4bpp image to having only 8 colors instead of the maximum of 16.

Enable Real-time Preview

Check this to preview the results as you adjust the settings.

The image’s current color depth is shown in the status bar.