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Magic Wand Tool

Keyboard Shortcut Menu Shortcut Menu Location
W Alt+S, W Selection -> Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand Tool selects a group of pixels based on their color.

Activate the Magic Wand tool and click on a pixel that represents a color you wish to select. The tool will select pixels of a similar color.

Two settings control the behavior of the Magic Wand Tool. To access them, click on the small down arrow beside the Magic Wand icon in the Raster Toolbar, or right-click in the image window and choose Magic Wand Tolerance from the context menu. The two settings of interest are:


Tolerance specifies how far a pixel’s color may deviate from the chosen color and still be selected. Generally, the larger the tolerance value, the more pixels will be selected.

Specifically, the tolerance value sets the maximum allowable offset of each of the red, green, and blue color components from the sampled color. For example, assume you have chosen a tolerance value of 8, and the pixel you clicked has RGB values of 100, 145, and 208. The Magic Wand tool will only select pixels whose color values are no more than 8 away from the sampled RGB value – i.e. those whose red values are between 92 and 108, green values are between 137 and 153, and blue values are between 200 and 216. If any one of the color components of a pixel is outside this range, that pixel will not be selected.


If Contiguous is checked, the Magic Wand Tool will only select pixels that are directly connected to the sampled pixel by other pixels of a similar color. If Contiguous is not checked, the tool will select all pixels in the image with similar colors.

Suppose, for example, you have two separate red boxes on a black background. If you choose Contiguous, and click the Magic Wand Tool inside one of the red boxes, only that red box will be selected. If Contiguous is NOT checked, then clicking inside either red box with the tool will select both red boxes.

Magic Wand Helpers:

To add more area to the existing selection, hold down the Shift key while selecting a region.

To remove area from an existing selection, hold down the Alt key while selecting a region.

To clear the selection, press Esc.