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Remove Noise

Keyboard Shortcut Menu Shortcut Menu Location
N Alt+R, V Raster -> Remove Noise

The Remove Noise command cleans up an image. For pure black and white images, the command removes any single disconnected black pixels. For color images, the command removes all colors in a range of intensity values, replacing them with pure white.

High Filter

This specifies one end of the intensity level filter. It doesn't matter if you specify the lower or higher intensity here.

Low Filter

This specifies the other end of the intensity level filter. You may specify either the low or high intensity value here.

Outside Filter

If this is checked, all colors with intensity levels outside the high and low bounds are removed.

Inside Filter

If this is selected, all colors with intensity levels between the high and low bounds are removed and replaced with white.

Enable Realtime Preview

Activate this option to preview the results as you change the filter settings.

Original color image

Color image with color intensities removed as per the dialog settings above

Black-and-white 1-bit image before Remove Noise command

Black-and-white 1-bit image after Remove Noise command