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Save Vector File

Keyboard Shortcut Menu Shortcut Menu Location
Ctrl+Shift+S Alt+F, V File -> Save Vector File

The Save Vector File command saves the vector data from the current project to a DXF, EPS, SVG, WMF, EMF, DesignCAD Ascii, or XYZ file.

Select the desired file format (DXF, EPS, SVG, WMF, EMF, DesignCAD Ascii, or XYZ), enter the desired filename, and press “Save.”

Then a save vector file settings dialog will popup to ask for drawing size and other settings.

  1. DXF Output

  2. EPS Output

  3. SVG Output

  4. WMF Output

  5. EMF Output

  6. DC2 Output

  7. XYZ Output