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The results are very good and only needed a small amount of fixes…”

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The evaluation version comes with full functionality during the length of the trial, 20 uses. Downoload it and try it out before you decide to buy a license. The program evaluation and licenses are available for the Windows platform. Also see what users and reviewers have to say about MagicTracer raster bitmap to vector converter.

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MagicTracer_2.0_Setup.zip MD5: [ 799FF2672C7BE63FCBE9D6AA1B18B4DF ]

Need a MD5 Checksum program? Chaos MD5 is distributed for free by Elgorithms. MagicTracer™ is compatible with Windows® 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7. Elgorithms™ uses the convenient and secure PayPal® system for processing transactions.

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