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These are the archived press releases for MagicTracer raster to vector conversion program. You can also read some reviews or choose 1 of the 2 press kits to download. The WMV version includes videos that require Windows Media Player, while the MOV version videos need Quicktime Player for playback. Included in both kits is a PDF that requires Acrobat Reader to view.

Here are a few awards our program has recieved since 2005.

Softpedia Award Tucows Award BrotherSoft Award Download.com User Rating

MagicTracer 2.0 Released

November 15, 2006 - Elgorithms™ - Pryor, OK

Elgorithms announces the release of MagicTracer 2.0. This new version of MagicTracer offers many enhancements to increase the capabilities of its users. In just over a year MagicTracer has recieved many top software review ratings. It has also established itself as the most feature-rich, low-cost raster to vector converter.

The new version of MagicTracer features new tools such as line smoothing and more supported formats including Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Enhanced Metafiles (EMF), and Photoshop Documents (PSD). Many new vector tools are also available for vecotr cleanup and editing. Vector entities can also be assign colors. See the release notes on our web site for all the new features and fixes.

As a bonus Elgorithms is offering a free 1 Gb USB flash drive for every MagicTracer 2.0 license purchase until the end of the year. USB drives are only available to shipments in the United States. This limited time bonus is not available to international orders, unless an U.S. shipping address is provided. Existing users will recieve an additional discount in addition to the bonus USB drive for upgrading before next year.

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MagicTracer Surpasses 13,000 Downloads

June 28, 2006 - Elgorithms™ - Pryor, OK

At the end of October 2005, Elgorithms released a new raster to vector conversion program. That program was MagicTracer 1.0. Today, MagicTracer is in its 1.5 release with over 13,000 downloads from its project homepage alone since the initial release.

MagicTracer is a program for converting raster graphics to vector graphics. Raster graphics are simply screen images composed of pixels and are not intended to scale well to larger sizes. Vector graphics are composed of geometric entities such as lines, curves, and arcs that scale to larger sizes very well. MagicTracer’s vector conversion and tracing capabilities bridge this gap between raster and vector graphics.

MagicTracer has dozens of raster tools that can sucessfully process images varying from full-color photos to black and white line art. One of MagicTracer’s unique capabilities is the ability to draw raster shapes over your raster image.

There’s also the ability to directly process images from a scanner as well as a vector conversion tool that guides users through the process. Low contrast images are notoriously hard to work with in raster to vector conversion. MagicTracer’s vector conversion toolset makes these images easy to work with.

MagicTracer also has vector tools at its disposal for vector tracing cleanup. Typical usage includes adding and removing points, converting curves to lines, lines to curves, and joining lines or curves. These tasks can be easily accomplished in MagicTracer. Its raster and vector tools provide more than enough for typical raster to vector converting processes.

MagicTracer comes as a fully-functional 35-uses trial with each use limited to 12 hours maximum. MagicTracer runs on most Windows platforms. There’s also a set of vector conversion videos for online viewing or download (requires Windows Media Player) as well as some samples and tutorials. For more information visit the MagicTracer raster to vector converter project web site.

Elgorithms is a small company based in Pryor, Oklahoma, United States. Our areas of disipline include: software development, visual communication, usability design, and web development. We also work on some free programs and compile some information and links that we find useful on the Elgorithms development team web site.

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Update Available: MagicTracer 1.5

April 23, 2006 - Elgorithms™ - Pryor, OK

The MagicTracer™ 1.5 Update is now available for download. This update replaces the original 1.0 version and is available for all previous users of MagicTracer. To update MagicTracer just uninstall the previous version of the program then install the new version 1.5. If you have previously purchased version 1.0 you can update for free. You may have to enter your Registration Name and Number again to re-register the program.

Several stability enhancements and 2 new features are included with the update. The first feature is the ability to export WMF files. The second feature is the ability to specify a Unit Size along the path of any 2 points you can set in the vector trace. This allows users the ability to set any number as the value. Other vector editing or CAD programs will interpret this value accordingly. The value will be interpreted as the default unit measurement you have set in the destination program.

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Elgorithms Releases MagicTracer 1.0

October 30, 2005 - Elgorithms™ - Pryor, OK

Elgorithms™ is proud to announce the release of MagicTracer™. MagicTracer is the product of our expert team composed of individuals with vast experience in the CAD industry. Our raster to vector conversion software delivers fast, high-quality results. Vector drawings converted by MagicTracer can be edited in all CAD programs. Our program exports the vector data it generates to DXF or DesignCAD drawing files.

Our Focus:

With MagicTracer, Elgorithms focuses on developing the best in raster to vector conversion. It frequently delivers better results than other programs in it’s class that also cost much more than our program. To prove it we offer a free demo for anyone to try before purchasing MagicTracer. View the demo videos to see how easy tracing with Magic can be.

We also focus on making the program user-friendly by developing an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The icons and menus are logically laid out to encourage efficient and intuitive use of MagicTracer’s raster and vector editing modes. MagicTracer combines the modes into a convenient workflow to increase efficiency and usability for the end-user.

Free Evaluation:

Elgorithms offers this raster to vector conversion program as an Unlimited Demo with no features disabled. It is available at the official MagicTracer raster to vector conversion software web site. The evaluation allows complete access to all it’s features and it’s well-documented Help File that even includes tips for vector conversion. We thought that the best way to evaluate a program would be to have unlimited access to it’s features. The evaluation is simply limited to 35 uses and will require a license afterwards.

About Elgorithms™:

Elgorithms is composed of a small, multi-talented team based in Pryor, Oklahoma. Our areas of disipline include: software development, visual communication, usability design, and web development. Our Software and Programming Director was formerly the Lead Programmer and Director of the award-winning DesignCAD program. Our Creative Director and Chairman has won numerous design and web design awards including designs awarded by Adobe and sites featured on Macromedia and Electric Rain.

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