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3d2f.com Editor’s Review

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The 3d2f.com editors have called MagicTracer “the best among the like” and “the most promising in its class”.

3d2f.com Award

3d2f.com Review Staff

Softpedia Editor’s Review (5/5)

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To avoid retouching your vector result too much, you should take care of the following steps: use Linear or Non Linear Edge Detection to trace the boundaries of the objects, Threshold to convert them into black lines on a white background and Trace Outline to thin those outlines. In the end, as I said before, use the Vector tools to enhance the result.”

Before the end, just few words about the file formats supported. Raster images that can be opened range from BMP and GIF to RAS format. You can save your vector work in four file formats: DXF, XYZ, DC2 and WMF.”

I needed to use tools like this before, and I found some really good ones, but MagicTracer is the best featured one of all. It comes with a nice and well organized interface, great functionality and a good price. If you need it, get it now!”

Softpedia Award

Nistor C. Codrut, Software Reviews Editor, Softpedia

Desktop Engineering Magazine® Editor’s Pick

July 6, 2006 - Editor’s Pick of the Week

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MagicTracer is low-cost, yet has both vector and raster tools. MagicTracer contains an assortment of raster and vector editing tools as well as more than 100 customizable functions. Raster tools include freehand, polygon, box, circle, and magic wand; pseudo colors; change color depth (1, 4, 8, 24 bits); and box, line, ellipse, and sketch drawing tools.”

Vector editing tools include box, line, ellipse, arc, curve, and sketch drawing tools; and lines to hatch, curve to line and back again. A complement of raster processing, vector conversion, and DXF “save as” options are provided.”

Desktop Engineering Editor's Pick

DE Editors, Desktop Engineering Magazine

Layers Magazine’s Review (4/5)

March/April 2007 Issue Article

Why would you look at a vector-tracing program when you already have Illustrator CS2, which includes Live Trace? For most graphic artwork, Illustrator is a better option, but if you don't happen to have the CS2 version or work heavily with CAD-type art, then you might want to take a look at the MagicTracer 2 program.”

A free demo version is available that works 20 times, so if you need to convert line art for use with CAD programs, check the program out. It's pretty hard to go wrong for the $59.95 price.”

Layers Magazine

David Creamer, Contributing Writer, Layers Magazine

NoNags Awarded 6/6 Ducks

MagicTracer was reviewed and awarded 6 ducks by NoNags.

NoNags Award

NoNags Review Staff

Tucows Awarded 4/5 Cows

MagicTracer was reviewed and awarded 4 cows by Tucows.

Tucows Award

Tucows Review Staff

ShareUp Review (5/5)

MagicTracer was reviewed and awarded 5 stars by ShareUp.

ShareUp Award

ShareUp Review Staff

BrotherSoft Review (5/5)

MagicTracer has been reviewed and accepted in our Multimedia & Graphics - Image Editors listings and gets a rating 5 out of 5. BrotherSoft Review Staff give one product the maximum 5 out of 5 Rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on.”

BrotherSoft Award

BrotherSoft Review Staff

Softpedia 100% Clean Award

Your product “MagicTracer” has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future. To assure our visitors that “MagicTracer” is clean, we have granted it with the “100% CLEAN” Softpedia award. Moreover, to let your users know about this certification, you may display this award on your website, on software boxes or inside your product.”

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Softpedia Team

Civil3D’s Review

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...what I’ve seen is very impressive. The install went smoothly, and was very straightforward. Since I haven’t purchased the program, I can run it in a demo mode - this allows for 35 program uses, at a maximum of 12 hours per use (if I read it correctly). The interface is also pretty straightforward, and offers some very in-depth features.”

At first glance, this seems to be a VERY powerful program. Even better is the price - at $49.95, this offers some nice raster conversion tools that you can't find in many other places. Try it out - I think you'll like it.”

Jason Hickey, Civil Engineer, Civil 3D

Graphics.com Shared Resource for Creative Design

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Designed for use by architects, sign makers and graphic artists, MagicTracer is unusual in providing the ability to edit both the original raster and traced vector versions of an image, and supplying an overlay mode that allows users to view both simultaneously. The resulting DXF files can be imported and edited by most vector drawing applications, such as Adobe Illustrator.”

Cosmo, Contributor, Graphics.com

WorldCAD Access Talking About CAD

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...Elgorithms has developed a new raster to vector conversion program, MagicTracer (US $50). The free demo is full-function. What makes this software different from the many others on the market? Lots of raster editing tools that allow users to start working on scans right away, and tweak the image any way they wish. Lots of auto-tracing functions: orthogonal line detect, curve/circle/arc detect, etc…”

Ralph Grabowski, Editor, upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd.

About.com Graphic Design Blog

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Convert raster to vector. That’s the claim of MagicTracer. There are a few software on the market that will help you convert raster images to vector, but there’s certainly room in the market for more. Not only can you convert your graphic in MagicTracer, you can do some image editing as well. Available for Windows.”

Judy Litt, Design Guide, About.com

Biorust Interactive Design Community

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Looking for something a little unique (and best of all, CHEAP?). Well, Elgorithms have released a cool standalone tool for converting raster graphics into vector (DXF) formats openable in Adobe Illustrator. This ability is by no means unique, of course, but their tool, MagicTracer is different in that it provides the ability to edit the original raster and traced image simultaneously (essentially by means of a neat overlay feature). MagicTracer can be purchased for $49.95 USD on the MagicTracer site. A trial version is also available for download.”

Man1c M0g, Moderator, Biorust Community

User Reviews on C|Net Download.com

Download.com User Rating

Lots of raster image tools, lots of vector convert settings, lots of vector tools. The Overlay feature is one of the most useful features I have seen in this type of program.”

Carl Nystrom

I like the speed and generally good results from the conversion. And best of all, the performance/price ratio is EXCELLENT!

Sherman Heeren

I’ve been in logo design and sign making business for 7 years. For all the raster to vector programs that I’ve used in the past, none of them could do what MagicTracer does to save time on my work. Here is a short list of “what and why”: 1. Real-time feedback through interactive user-interface gives me full control over most of the commands. This allows me to get what I want in minutes (sometimes in seconds). 2. Clever idea of putting image and vector lines together makes line editing a piece of cake. 3. Lots of image editing and vector editing commands make this program stand out from the others. I’ll get it for myself as a Christmas gift :)”


I have tried to scan some blueprints directly from scanner to MagicTracer with very high resolution then converted to DXF. The results are very good and only needed a small amount of fixes to the vector data. I like the way that MagicTracer saves its project files. Both image and vector are saved together and the image can be saved as original or modified copy. Best of all, the conversion settings are saved with the project. That makes the further modification to the conversion results a lot easier.”


Works Like Magic! Finally I have found a piece of software that does what I want and it works like magic. I followed the link in the program and found some video clips posted on MagicTracer web site. The video clips gave me a very good idea for getting started with MagicTracer. After using the program for just 5 hours, I have finished a project that I was expecting to get done in about a week. Well, I have to give MagicTracer a “TWO THUMBS UP”. The easiest software that I have ever used for raster to vector conversion.”


MagicTracer is the easiest and definitely the most cost effective of the raster to vector conversion programs that I’ve used. I have used scanner to scan pictures to MagicTracer and converted to DXF. I am so impressed that this program makes the whole process so easy and the output is almost flawless. Excellent for converting blueprints from paper to digital data for CAD programs.”


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