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Lesson 1: Resolution Matters

The image resolutions of raster files used in the vector conversion process will directly effect the resulting vector trace. Generally medium-resolution raster images (1000-2000 pixels or so) provide better results when vectorized. Larger images won’t produce better results. We’ll explain why later.

The ideal solution would be to rescan the image or obtain a 1000-2000 pixel version that is crisp. But what do you do when you only have a small image to work from? When you can’t get the ideal crisp image or even rescan from the original source, you should resample the original image to a higher resolution.

Route 66 Sign Image

This Route 66 raster JPG image is 218 x 228 pixels in size. This is the low-resolution image we will be using for lesson 1.

First, we will be vector converting this image without resampling the image using the default vector conversion settings in MagicTracer.

Vector Converted (No resampling done)

As you can see the results of the conversion are rather rough. Now we will vector convert the raster image again. Only this time we will be resampling the image to 5 times it’s original size before the conversion. The resampled image will be 1090 x 1140 pixels in size. (Resample command: Image -> Resample...)

Vector Converted (Using resampled image)

Notice how much better the vector converted result is this time. The conversion that resulted from the resampled image is much smoother and follows the lines of the original image rather faithfully. So when working with automatic vector conversion be sure to use resample the image if the original is too small. This simple act can give you much better conversion results.

Remember what we said about larger images not producing better results? The reason why is because overdoing the resampling or using an image much larger than 1000-2000 pixels will only strain your computer. There is a certain point at which any larger sized images do not improve the vector trace. The details present in the image and their clarity is much more important. In other words high quality images and scans (not high resolution) will dramatically improve results.

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