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Lesson 2: Proper Scaling

When importing a drawing from one program to another the scale of the original drawing is frequently lost. If you import a DXF or WMF from one program to another the resulting size may be much too large or much too small. To make sure that all programs will import MagicTracer’s vector results at precisely the size you want.

Set Drawing Unit

In MagicTracer the number for setting units itself is unitless. It is not any unit in particular and can represent anything (inches, meters, feet, points). The way that this number is interpreted depends on the program you are importing the vector output to. For instance if you have Illustrator or AutoCAD set up for inches by default then the number you entered would represent inches in that program once you import it. (Drawing Units command: Vector -> Set Drawing Units...)

Imported into Illustrator

In the example here we used a value of 5 for the Set Drawing Units command in MagicTracer. The example is shown with the default drawing units in Illustrator set to inches. Once we open it in Illustrator we see that the vector output is exactly 5 inches across the length we set in MagicTracer.

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